Top searched keywords on Google USA

top searches on Google in the USA

ahrefs offers statistics for 4 billion keywords typed every month in Google USA search bar.

To view the top searched keywords, simply leave the search box empty for Google USA on ahrefs Keywords Explorer. 

You will get the list of the most searched keywords.

I will pick a few of them and add some comments. 

Facebook, searched 152M times per month on Google USA

The world’s #1 social network is leading the volume of searches. You can expect that most people are typing Facebook in Google simply as a shortcut to the site, which they already know.

Youtube, searched 142M times per month on Google USA

The world’s #1 video site closely follows Facebook. Here again, it’s probably a search to get access to a site most people already know. 

Amazon, searched 87M times per month on Google USA

The world’s #1 e-commerce site is on the third step of the podium. Which shows that the priorities of web surfers in the USA are: social networking, watching videos and buying stuff. 

Pornhub, searched 86M times per month on Google USA

Another type of video site follows the leading trio: Pornhub. I’ve already addressed the attraction of internet-goers for nude celebrities. This popular destination offers a broader choice of x-rated material…

Then we see a few productivity-related searches: gmail, google (yep, people typing Google in Google…), weather, yahoo, yahoo mail, google translate (32M/m), google maps (31M/m), caculator (18M/m) and a few other x-rated properties (xnxx, xvideos, xhmaster,…).

Interestingly, these filthy queries are not as competitive as the mainstream ones, according to ahrefs, with Keyword Difficulty scores ranging from 10 to 46).  Let’s mention “literotica” with 3.8M searches per month and a KD of 7. If you’re into romance literature, you’ve probably made a good strategic choice. There are 11.1M keywords incl. the word “sex” to choose from… Sex (984K/m) is followed by Sex stories (595K/m) and sex videos (551K/m). “Sex toys” are roughly half as popular (274K/m) as videos. 

“Love” is included in 8.7M keywords, incl. a few celebrities’ names (Brandi love, Jennifer Love Hewitt,…). “Inspirational quotes” (475K/m) and more popular than love quotes (253K/m) and funny quotes (135K/m). People want to be inspired! When looking for inner peace, they’re searching for “meditation” (136K/m), “meditation music” (60K/m), transcendental meditation (53K/m) and mindfulness meditation (34K/m). “Headspace” is the first brand they’re looking for in relation to meditation (102K searches per month).   

At the top of the rankings, Ebay (41M/m), Walmart (32M/m), Netflix (27M/m), Home Depot (22M/m), Fox News (19M/m), CNN (17M/m), ESPN (13M/m)… give a fairly good picture of the trade and media landscape in the USA.  

I’d also like to point out “USPS tracking” which garners 18M searches per month (UPS tracking = 8.4M and FEDEX tracking = 6.9M/m), revealing one of the main concerns of all online buyers: “when will I receive my order?”

On the email front, gmail comes first (64M/m), followed by yahoo mail (32M/m), hotmail (17M)  and aol mail (11M). 

Banks start at 13M searches per month for Bank Of America, followed by Wells Fargo, Capital One (9.7M) and Chase (8.4M). 

Paypal, leading in Fintech, ranks even higher than the legacy banks, at 16M/m.

Donald Trump on Google USA

“Trump” is searched 11M times per month, more than the NBA (10M/m). 

“Bernie Sanders” garners 1.6M searches per month.

“Joe Biden” only gets 1M searches per month (+ “Biden”, 283K/m).

“Elizabeth Warren” attracts the same amount of interest at 1M searches per month. 

“Michael Bloomberg” gets 164K searches per month (“Bloomberg” = 588K searches per month). 

There are 275,712 keywords incl. “republicans”. The head term “republicans” garners 42K monthly searches. 

There are more keywords (335,100) incl. “democrats” with the head term generating 141K searches per month. 

American web surfers seem to have more questions about Democrats than about Republicans… 


America’s bests-loved brands, beyond the ones already mentioned in this leaderboard, are Kohls (8.2M/m), American Airlines (7.8M/m), Dominos (7.4M/m), Airbnb (7.3M/m), Spotify (6.9M/m), Macys (6.5M/m), Pizza Hut (6.5M/m), Expedia (6.1M/m), Southwest Airlines (5.7M/m), Bed Bath & Beyond (5.4M/m),… You can see the exhaustive list in the table accessible via this link

... near me

It’s always interesting to browse “… near me” queries to see what people are interested in at a local level. 

Restaurants come first, followed by food (incl. delivery, groceries,…), Walmart, pizza, jobs, movies, CVS, Target, breakfast, Starbucks, chinese Food, Walgreens, Home Depot, Gas Station, Post Office, liquor store, etc. (see the screenshot of the list for details). 

Conclusion: eating is the #1 priority, followed by jobs and entertainment. Pizza is more popular than chinese food and alcohol. 

“… near me” searches for pizza brands follow the ranking I already mentioned above: Dominos near me garners 544K searches per month whereas Pizza Hut near me gets 492K monthly searches. 


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