The internet is a rabbit hole

Once you type in a query in Google or click on a link anywhere on the Net you’re entering an infinite maze. You know where you start but you ignore where you’ll end. You can be trapped in a neverending succession of pages, some insightful but many wasting your time, which is so valuable. 

The purpose of this site is to present a series of art projects inspired by SEO. 

How can SEO (Search Engine Optimization) inspire an artistic endeavour?

vintage drawing rabbit alice in wonderland

Well, in late 2019, I wrote a piece on my marketing blog about the unexpected search queries including the words “cartoon” and “comic(s)”. After a few weeks, I started ranking on Google for some of the terms I had mentioned in my shocking report: incest comic  porn18+ comics, incest comics, etc.  

awe shocked animated gif rabbitmaze
shocking queries leading to my site
a few of the unexpected queries leading to my article
alice in wonderland vintage image search wonderland

To be honest, I didn’t expect to rank for these words when I shared my dismay… But it wasn’t the first time I had noticed strange things happening on the SEO front. 

A few weeks earlier, I had carried out a quick research for a client who wanted to know what generated traffic on leading online magazines. It wasn’t the headlines gently featured on the home page, but a series of hidden pieces pretending to reveal nude photos of famous actresses. 

This gave me the idea of a thought provoking digital stunt: a site dedicated to nude celebrities where I wouldn’t share any real photos of these individuals (such pictures very often simply don’t exist), but where I would welcome naughty web diggers with a humorous greeting. 

Pondering on the scheme, I realised that, beyond this isolated trope, there were numerous other search-related phenomena worth commenting in a sarcastic enterprise. So I decided to extend my project beyond the mere attraction of female nudity (which will be part of the journey). 

This is what RabbitMaze is about: an open book, never to be completed. I hope you’ll enjoy my random meanderings in Search Wonderland.

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